The main aim of the Company was to reflect itself in the power sector. Run Power Engineering Limited for manufacturing support the Electrical distribution transformer & assemble the Electrical Sub-station related equipment like Diesel Generator, Voltage Stabilizer, Industrial Voltage Regulator.

Run Power Engineering was established in the year 2006 and started the manufacturing/assembling/marketing, Generator, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, Sub-station equipment. Run Power Engineering has the continuous process for up-date design & model keeping conformity to the world standard.

The philosophy of the Run Power Engineering is to meet the customer’s needs & ensure the customers desire in terms of quality, timely delivery and after sales & services.


Why Choose Run Power?

The company possesses a team of high skilled specialized technical & marketing staff for 24 hours standby services & capable of total solution of Electrical Sub-station & trade related any need.

Keeping in mind the competitiveness of the present market, Run Power Engineering produces quality products at a lucrative offer using the highest quality materials, imported products are highly qualitative. During the past years, Run Power Engineering obtained highest quality successful records of supply, marketing & installation of Substation equipment & low voltage components more than 1000 customers.

In the near future, Run Power Engineering has the vision to diversity itself to other related sectors like GENERATOR, UPS, Sub-Station, And Industrial Voltage Stabilizer