Run Power is a trusted leader in generator services, ensuring uninterrupted power solutions for your business. We offer in-house generator drop-off and pickup plus on-site full-service power generation technicians in pre-stocked service trucks to efficiently meet all customer requirements. Our generator services include:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Generator Repair
  • Load Bank Testing
  • Annual Agreements & Service Contracts
  • Power Systems Consulting
  • Installation and De-Commissioning
  • Temporary Mobile Rental Power Options
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Available
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Diesel Generator Bangladesh


What is generator maintenance?

Diesel generator sets whether for purposes of a main or emergency supply, must be regularly maintained to ensure quality and longevity. Every standby generator should go through a preventative maintenance service regimen either every 400 hours or every 6 months (typically works out to be once a year) – depending on how regularly the generator is used.

The benefits of a generator maintenance service are:

  • Extends longevity
  • Prevent failures down the road e.g. discharged battery
  • Helps maintain efficiency
  • Provides emergency power for many years
  • Prevents diesel from wet stacking
  • Checks for signs of wear
  • Drain and replace fuel
  • Inspect and replace oil filter
Diesel Generator Bangladesh